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Option definition is – an act of choosing. How to use option in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of option.. Financial Definition of put option. What It Is. A put option is a financial contract between the buyer and seller of a securities option allowing the buyer to force the seller.

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Definition: Securities that give the holder the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell a specified number of of stock, at a specified price for a certain (limited) time period. Typically one option equals 100 shares of stock.

Related to Option (finance): Options series. n. the right to purchase stock in the future at a price set at the time the option is granted (by sale or as compensation by the corporation). To actually obtain the shares of stock the owner of the option must "exercise" the option by paying the agreed upon price and requesting issuance of the shares.

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Call Option examples, Call Option definition, trading tips, and everything you need to help the beginning trader.

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Options are a financial derivative that trade based on the price action of the underlying asset and are bought and sold in units called contracts, which usually represent 100 shares per contract of the underlying.Options come in two different types: calls and puts. Traders can choose to buy (option holder) a call/put long or sell them (option writer) to the buyers depending on their trading.

Finance is a soul of economics activities that involves the process of acquiring needed funds and exchanging available resources like money, assets, investments, securities, etc.Feb 17, 2011 · Lines of credit in corporate finance: A post-global-crisis case study This dissertation evaluates the decision making factors that lead organisations.

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